• Manimahesh is 26 KM from Bharmour (Last destination to reach Manimahesh. Bharmour is  is 180 KM from Pathankot (End Destination of Punjab to reach Manimahesh)
  • From Train:- Nearest Railway Station is Pathankot Cantt railway station which was known as Chakki bank earlier (Punjab).
  • From Airport:- Nearest airport is at Gaggal in Kangra (230 km from Bharmour) but Jammu and Amritsar Airports are also feasible.
  • By Road:- Manimahesh is easily accessible by buses and taxis to Bharmour and then by local taxis to Hadsar except last 13 km which can be covered by foot only.
  • By walk:- Manimahesh is accessible by walk from Hadsar by following treks


There are 3 trekking routes to Manimahesh Lake but the one starting from Bharmour is the most popular and offers basic tourist facilities along the way. Bharmour can be reached from Pathankot via Chamba. The other two routes (one from Kugti village and another from Kangra valley)  open for few months during summers and generally taken by experienced trekkers or regular pilgrims from Himachal during Yatra season.

Most popular Route is :  PathankotBanikhetChambaBharmour  (180 km)

Ways of Transport are:

By Road :

  • You can take a direct bus from Delhi to Chamba and then come to Bharmour by bus or taxi.
  • There are few direct buses to Chamba from Pathankot and one direct bus to Bharmour from Pathankot in the morning.
  • There are many buses (once in 30 minutes) from Chamba to Bharmour (61km, ~100 INR, 2.5 hours).
  • Few buses (2 in a day) and shared jeeps (Depending upon tourists) ply between Bharmour to Hadsar (13 km, 30 minutes, 30/40 INR). It is very difficult to catch a ride to Hadsar during non-Yatra season. Private taxi will cost you around more than 350/400 INR.
  • In most of the routes, Public transport (Buses) stops after 6:00 PM and start at 8:00 AM morning.
  • During Yatra season, there are special buses to Bharmour.

By Train :

Nearest Railway Station is Pathankot (Punjab). Pathankot has two railway stations – Pathankot Railway Station and Pathankot Cantt (Chakki Bank). Tourist can come to Pathankot and from here, can opt for bus services or cab services, available to reach  Bharmour. From Delhi you can take a train up to Pathankot. From Pathankot you can take a bus to Chamba and then follow the same route described above. From Pathankot, it is an estimated 7-8 hours drive to Bharmour via Chamba. Bharmour is the town nearest to Manimahesh where you can find proper accommodation for the night.

By Air :

Nearest airport is at Gaggal in Kangra, located at the distance of 240 KM from Bharmour but it takes same time to reach Bharmour from Dharamshala as it takes from Amritsar or Jammu. Its better to fly to Amritsar or Jammu if you are coming to Bharmour as roads are better. Flights are easily available from all the major cities of India.  Taxis are also easily available.


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