Important items that one should carry during Manimahesh Yatra

Rain coat

Raincoat is one of the most important item to carry during manimahesh yatra. rain can come at any time.

A walking/Trekking/Hiking stick

You should also take a stick with you as it make it easy to walk on the path to Manimahesh and makes trekking easier.

Warm cloths

You must carry warm cloths like Jacket, sweater, woolen socks, cap, gloves etc. You may not need these things during the trek all the time but if you plan to halt at some place or stay at the night at Manimahesh or any point on the trek then you would need warm cloths as it can get quite cold.  If it starts raining then it can get cold at Bharmour or Hadsar also at night hence it would help if you have warm cloths with you.

Necessary medicines

If you have heart problem, high blood pressure or if your weight is more then its good to carry necessary medicines which can help you if you have problems at high altitude.

Musaki Kapoor

Keep some packets of musaki kapoor with yourself. This is helpful if you face problems in breathing. Some people can have breathing problems while trekking from Sundrashi or Dhancho to  GuariKund. It is a steep trek. Just open the packet wrap the tablet in a cloth like handkerchief and take it close to your nose and you’ll feel relaxed breathing. Also keep some medication with you if you have breathing issues like Bioline, Asthaline etc as recommended by your physician.

Water bottle

Plenty of water is there on the way,  just carry a bottle in case you don’t mind drinking water from springs or rivers. Also mineral water is available on the way in the tent shops set up by the locals. Though they would cost little above the MRP but it is justified by the hard conditions.


You don’t really want to miss the picturesque beauty of Manimahesh and surrounding area. Hence it would be great if you carry a camera with you.

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